Following type of SQL’s can cause “subquery in FROM must have an alias” issue. They are like below, It needs to be fixed to meet the SQL standards. There is no question asked about why PostgreSQL did not support 🙂 why should I create alias in all the cases 🙂… Continue Reading ORA2PG MIGRATION – Subquery must have an alias

The code like this in your program can throw “Data Type Mismatch Error” at run time. Following is the actual runtime error will come in the application, Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: operator does not exist: smallint <> character varying  Hint: No operator matches the given name and argument types. You… Continue Reading Ora2Pg Migration – Data Type Mismatch Error

If you face Insufficient privileges issue while connecting to oracle database from Amazon AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) like below, ORACLE Server : [SELECT ANY DICTIONARY] Run following command as system user in oracle server, grant select any dictionary to abc_owner;

Following is the longest Linux command using pipe which I came across today while working with some API gateway, This is a standard access log filtering to find out client identifier involved in API failure. Here is the details about what this command will do step by step, The cat… Continue Reading Longest Linux Command Using Pipe

We are one such happy customer using JBOSS Messaging Service from JBOSS 5.1. When we plan to upgrade our applications to Wildfly 10.1, we had no option other than using Wildfly with JBOSS 5.1 messaging Service. It is because we have no plan to upgrade our legacy messaging system which… Continue Reading Wildfly with JBOSS 5.1 Messaging Serivce

We have been trying to upgrade our application from using JBOSS 5.1 to Wildfly 10.1. We have rolled out the changes and got stuck in production due to missing performance settings. This blog is to give those performance settings in Wildfly 10.1 that we used. The most important miss we… Continue Reading Performance settings in Wildfly 10.1

Is there is some one in your organization feeling secured about accessing his Linux system and provided you Putty Private Key (PPK) file. This blog will tell you how to Login using PPK file using Putty. I assume that you have already installed Putty in your system and path has been updated… Continue Reading Login using PPK file in Putty

The downloaded Wildfly 10.1 installer gives startup error like below (But start up gets completed) when starting at command line, There are lot of google search was resulting to check for folder permission, etc. In my situation the issue turns out to be with Wildfly startup adding server log… Continue Reading Wildfly Startup Logfile configuration Issue

While I was working with Wildfly 10.1 upgrade for one my client. The client were asking me How to Dump  HTTP request and response in Wildfly? This is made easy in the Wildfly 10.1 if you are interested in HTTP request and response. In case if you are looking for… Continue Reading Wildfly Dump HTTP Request and Response