Due to some business need I badly wanted to exclude Jackson module from my application running in Wildfly 10.1 version. The standard way to exclude is to add following in the jboss-deployment-structure.xml file of my application, This will not exclude Jackson as Wildfly has internal module called resteasy-jackson2-provider which has added… Continue Reading Exclude Jackson Module in Wildfly

Have you ever configured -XX:ConcGCThreads to some random value with out understanding much about it. If yes, you should have got stuck with following JVM startup issue, In short, This is an JVM option available for you to configure number of concurrent threads to be used as marker threads in G1GC. In… Continue Reading JVM Initialization Error – Can’t have more ConcGCThreads (n) than ParallelGCThreads (n)

We have got into a situation where in a file got deleted (Intentionally) in source branch but few months later, at one of the child branch, an engineer created same file (Obviously same path). We got into issues where perforce started giving conflict on the file, engineers where silently ignored… Continue Reading Re-adding deleted files in perforce

This will be a series of post talking about how I ended up in upgrading an legacy application to Java8 and Wildfly 10.1. Let us jump into part – 1, The legacy application had very large code base which is running in 8+ (approx..) years old platform and libraries. They… Continue Reading Legacy application upgrade – Part 1

If you worked with large enterprise application which has 10 nightly builds, 20 incremental builds with two dozens of QE environment and 100 production setup with more than 3 managers managing you, then I’m sure you would have definitely heard people screaming  “We have got a deployment blocker” and the… Continue Reading Java – UnsupportedClassVersionError Debugging

While I was upgrading my application to Java 8 with Wildfly as container I got stunned with following exception, I got this resolved by adding following line in my jboss-deployment-structure.xml file. After I restart my JVM I got following exception, [ERROR] com.myapp.crypto.InternalEncryptionException: Illegal key size To fix this, I downloaded JCE… Continue Reading Java 8 with Wildfly 10