Dermatitis herpetiformis – Struggle and cure

I start with conclusion because that is what is more important than the pain that we went through when my mom diagnosed with Dermatitis herpetiformis.

If you are diagnosed with this disease, effective immediately stop taking food which is made using “Atta, Maida, Rava, Semiya and Noodles”. I suggest you to stop taking all Bakery items and fast food immediately. For this disease, it is important to control food and have medicine to support the recovery process. So, how this disease looks like? Refer images below,

Fully developed dermatitis herpetiformis
Fully developed dermatitis herpetiformis
Fully developed dermatitis herpetiformis
Fully developed dermatitis herpetiformis

My mom ignored initial symptoms such as itching and took it lightly. We have consulted few Ayurveda and Homeopathic doctor at early stage. The initial feedback from my mom after taking those medicine is good. But after few days she will come back with same symptoms. Once she stayed at my brothers house near Velachery we consulted a dermatologist and he prescribed those standard medicine such as Dapsone. This time my mom is good for more than a month time and the story started repeating. At this stage, one should read about the side effect of Dapsone and you can get easily if you hit your google search bar. In my mom’s case following side effects are observed (we actually realized these side effects later),

  1. Fever above 100 Fahrenheit
  2. There is no feel of hunger
  3. Severe Throat infection

At one stage things got worst and we were running out of clue. When I say worse, it means  my mom can’t eat any food as she had severe throat infection, vomiting sensation and fever here and there.

Since my mom is very good human being and respect every one in the world, god game to our rescue in the form of our nephew. My nephew is currently working at a famous hospital in Chennai. He recommended us to visit Kodi clinic .

It may be our fate, doctor in Kodi clinic is on long leave as there is a medical emergency in his home. Well, my mom decided to wait for the doctor and we stand on that decision.

In the mean time we consulted our Velachery doctor and he started speaking rude to suggest us to increase the dosage of Dapsone. However my father refused to take his suggestion.

Now we need to make sure my mom is good in health so we started giving liquid diet for my mom so that she gets energy and stay hydrated. The liquid diet was also not so easy to feed my mom as she had pain even to drink those fluids.

Well, on one fine Friday evening I called up kodi clini and to my all good they told me doctor will be available from next day. Since my nephew explained about this clinic, that, you should go there early in the morning like 6.00 AM to meet the doctor at 8.00 AM. We went to the clinic at 5.30 AM and got stunned with the crowd. Yes, people were standing in queue outside of his clinic at 5.30 AM in the morning !!!

We asked my mom to stay inside the car and we started standing in the queue one after other. We finally able brought my mom in front of the doctor around 10.00 AM (We had to request few people to give us a way after explaining my mom’s situation).

Now tell me what doctor would have told us, he told us exactly what I have written in the first paragraph. He prescribed few medicines told us that you will start seeing result after three days and on the fifth day every thing will be alright.

We went home with all the medicine and with big hope. We started noticing the change after three days of medicine and on the 6th day morning my mom is completely normal. My biggest surprise is that, doctor gave medicine only for 10 days and then no need to take medicine.

All this was happened in the month of June 2017 and now we make a habit of visiting the doctor 40 days once to make sure there is no recurrence.

I should tell two incidents when we waited for the kodi clinic doctor for few days. We decided to consult some other doctors as interim. Following are the response from them,

Doctor – 1: He just thrown away all our earlier consultation and prescription sheet. He asked us to leave the clinic immediately and get us admitted into some government hospital at some location. I don’t  know what was the initial impression that he had, what he thought and why he suggested us to go to that hospital which is far away from our house though there are near by hospital.

Doctor – 2: We went to a near by hospital, few doctors checked my mom and asked us to admit my mom next morning. They mentioned that my mom should take Steroids injection and told us that my mom should be in hospital for two weeks. They also mentioned that they will send have to send samples to other state to get the tissue diagnosed, etc.

Now I realize, By all our gods grace we ignored all other suggestion and went to Kodi clinic. The doctor fee is just INR 50/ and yes, you read it right !

Hope this experience helps some one !!!




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