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I thought I should close this month (June, 2017) with good note. But on 27th, I found I’m not going to have my Broadband Internet connection for next 10 days. I was worried and assumed that June 2017 is not going to be mine. In order for me to manage my online need I have decided to buy JIO. Since I have used some branded data card in the past I know what to expect from JIOFI, hence my expectation was low. But it all went wrong when I started using on day 1. Yes, as of today I’m into my third day and I’m writing this post with my JIOFI .


Here is my observation,


The upload and download speed is just awesome which even my broadband service provider is unable to offer me now (They are upgrading though and this is my reason for not having broadband). Refer my speed test result below


With this speed, I never felt like I missed my broadband  connection and there is no hard feeling so far.


Having all good things, I noticed that the signal color is changing from green to blue here and there. I also felt the difference when I join conference in Skype, Ringcentral. It was not a big concern for my as I also had toll free numbers for all my conference.

So if you are hesitant to try JioFI like me I would suggest you to give it a try, you will not be disappointed. I will be travelling to various cities in India I will soon write how it worked for me.


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