Login using PPK file in Putty

Is there is some one in your organization feeling secured about accessing his Linux system and provided you Putty Private Key (PPK) file. This blog will tell you how to Login using PPK file using Putty.

I assume that you have already installed Putty in your system and path has been updated to invoke from command line.

d:\putty.exe -i c:\Users\rmk\Documents\devuser.ppk devuser@X.X.X.X

The above command will open Putty and make you to login using the private key file (Pay close attention to -i option). If you are able to login successfully you should see following,

Using username "devuser".
Authenticating with public key "imported-openssh-key"
Last login: Thu May 17 22:48:08 2018 from X.X.X.X


For other SSH option in putty refer this link. I’m sure you will find lot of option which can help your automation 🙂

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