During my early day as software engineer I used to think keeping my Microsoft Outlook with out of office reply is fancy. At later stage I realized that I actually SPAM every one with my out of office message across the organization and many of those won’t even care whether I alive or not 🙂 Well here is the tip to set OOO but keep it quiet with out reply,

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 – Windows

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Open File -> Info
  3. Click Automatic Replies Button on the right side of the pane
  4. You should get a Automatic Replies pop up dialog window
  5. Select “Send automatic replies”
  6. Leave text box empty at the bottom of the dialog window
  7. Click “Ok” to close the dialog.
  8. You should get Confirmation Dialog window like below,

Now click “yes” on the dialog window and that is it. Outlook will update your status as out of office in the server however it will not send any replies to your incoming emails!

 Try this and let me know how it works for other versions…

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