Perforce – Request Too Large

This is for one who is working using Perforce as SCCS and using P4 in command line to do daily activity. One good day, my manager asked me to work on a completely different project and note that, my entire source code is in Perforce and my local copy is synced in Linux VM. In order for me to move to another project I had to sync up completely a different depots. In order to manage my VM disk space I had to delete my existing working copy. After I did backup (Shelving, etc) of my local edits I invoked P4 sync (none) command on the parent folder to see only following error from perforce,

p4 sync ...#none
Request too large (over 3000000); see 'p4 help maxresults'.

Later I used following method to delete all my depot one by one.

p4 sync depot1/...#none;p4 sync depot2/...#none;p4 sync depot3/...#none;p4 sync depot4/...#none; p4 sync depot4/...#none

In the aforesaid command, I used semicolon (;) as a instruction to Shell to execute my P4 sync command one by one with out worrying about previous command status. This helped me to clean up my folder with out me going to each folder. It also helped me in saving considerable amount of time as I ran this command while I’m away from the desk.

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