VPN – Unresponsive Cisco AnyConnect

Is your company allowing you to do more Work From Home? Do you use VPN? Are you using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client? If yes, some time you might have seen Cisco desktop client spinning “Disconnect” message but it will never disconnect. It will be unresponsive like below and even if you kill (or Quit) and restart the UI it will not bring up UI successfully.

I don’t see application option to quit properly. I followed below steps to close and restart the VPN and its agent.

Kill VPN client

Open Task Manager and locate vpngui.exe. Now select and click on End Process.

Stop VPN Agent

Once you successfully stopped vpngui, try starting the UI again. You will not see UI coming up to the screen for you to connect. This is because CISCO any connect has vpn agent running as Windows service which you can see in Task Manger like below. Now select VPNAgent service, right click and press “Stop Service”.

Start VPN Agents

Before starting the VPN agent make sure the service is stopped after. Once you see the Status as stopped you can start it again as service.

Start the UI

Here my standard way to start the Cisco AnyConnect is to go to Windows -> Start – Run menu type “Cisco AnyConnect”.  If you follow aforesaid steps properly, now, you should see the user interface coming up like below with “Ready to connect” option.

Note: I have used Cisco AnyConnect version 4.4.00243 with operating system as Windows 7. I hope it helps someone who read this blog right now J

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