Wildfly with JBOSS 5.1 Messaging Serivce

We are one such happy customer using JBOSS Messaging Service from JBOSS 5.1. When we plan to upgrade our applications to Wildfly 10.1, we had no option other than using Wildfly with JBOSS 5.1 messaging Service. It is because we have no plan to upgrade our legacy messaging system which meets the requirement well and the usage is very less.

The surprised came to us that, since wildfy 8x, there is no support for JBOSS Messaging Service. The JBOSS JNP remoting was replaced with http-remoting, the JBOSS queues are replaced with activemq + hornetq combinations.

After going through all these messaging changes in wildfly we worried whether our wildfly clients can talk to JBOSS 51 messaging server or not. But when we started experimenting it, to all our surprise, wildfly was intelligently able to do JMX JNDI lookup and was able to connect with JBOSS 51 Messaging server. Having said that, we were forced to add following libraries in our application which needs messaging service to work successfully,


After fixing the initial hurdle we stunned with following exception thrown in Wildfly logs,

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.jboss.logging.Logger.getLoggerPlugin()Lorg/jboss/logging/LoggerPlugin;

We fixed above issue by excluding logging module from application,

<module name="org.jboss.logging"/>;

Refer this for JNDI support in Wildfly. We also tried to experiment whether JBOSS 51 can talk to Wildfly 10.1 messaging service, but all of those experiment failed.

Hope it helps someone…!

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