Xml file parsing in Linux

Xml file parsing in Linux via command line, I once thought it is not possible better create simple Java application. I have heard about “xmllint – command line XML tool” once, hence thought of giving a try,

My xml content is something like below,


My requirement here is to get the list of table name using single command in linux. I ended up in using following command. I know there could be a better version and, if you know, provide it in comment section,

xmllint --xpath '//tableInfo/name' content.xml  | sed "s|</name>|,|g" | sed "s|<name>| |g"

If you want to get the list name with out formatting,

xmllint --xpath '//tableInfo/name content.xml
xmllint --xpath '//tableInfo/name/text()' content.xml 

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